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The 21 (Yes, 21) Commandments of Buying a Home


Following these, can help to make your home buying process a smooth one. So if you’re planning on house shopping this weekend, take the time to read these:

  1. Thou shall not view even one home without being pre-qualified for a mortgage.(CALL ME)
  2. Thou shall not buy the first home that you view.
  3. Thou shall not fall in love with the décor.
  4. Thou shall read and understand the terms of the entire purchase contract.
  5. Thou shall not be your own home inspector (unless you are one in real life).
  6. Thou shall not quibble with the seller over minor repairs.
  7. Thou shall not be your own lawyer (unless you are one in real life).
  8. Thou shall not spend the money you have saved for your down payment.
  9. Thou shall not spend the money you have saved for your closing costs.
  10. Thou shall show up at closing with a certified check & homeowner’s insurance policy.
  11. Thou shall not send pictures of your pay stub from your iPhone.
  12. Thou shall not take a credit card advance for your down payment or closing costs.
  13. Thou shall not keep your down payment money in the freezer or under a mattress.
  14. Thou shall not take 3 weeks to submit additional documentation requested by the underwriter.
  15. Thou shall not expect the home to appraise higher than other homes in the neighborhood.
  16. Thou shall not send 5 pages of bank statements when the statement says there are 6 pages.
  17. Thou shall not cross out account numbers on your bank statement.
  18. Thou shall not cross out social security numbers on tax returns, W-2’s or paycheck stubs.
  19. Thou shall not complain about interest rates being lower on TV if your credit score is below 700.
  20. Thou shall not have NSF fees on your bank statements.
  21. Thou shall not open any new credit accounts.

Once again, if you, your family, or your friends are in the market for a new home, please call me and let’s get the pre-qualification process started and in hand before the house shopping begins!



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