Brad did an awesome job once again.  He is a delight to deal with.  He is honest, very responsive and extremely knowledgable.  We would recommend him to all of our friends.  In fact I'm trying to convince a co-worker to refinance.

Unbelievably easy to understand and easy to work with.  Everything went exactly as he said it would.

Excellent communication with responding to calls, emails, and texts in a timely manner.

I will recommend Brad and his team to my friends.



 I knew with the Thanksgiving holiday on top of the already hectic refinancing scene that things would be particularly hectic. I do want you to know that I appreciate everything that you and Patrick did for me, especially in expediting my loan approval.  It made all the difference in getting the home I wanted. 

 Patrick was also especially kind and helpful whenever I had any questions. For a nervous newbie like myself it was especially comforting to be able to speak with someone whenever I called who could calmly and politely assist me.

 I hope that you and your family have a wonderful Christmas!


Well that was simple and pain free.  Let’s do it again!!! 

Actually, when and if the time is ever right and it makes sense, please give me a call.  You guys were pleasant, professional and got everything done with no stress or worries on my side (you guys get paid for it all being on your side!).  If you ever need a favor, referral or anything to help grow your business let me know.

  Thanks again!!



If you've ever bought a home you know how important rates are and especially in our current market, but more importantly, HONESTY! Brad is like no other! He will take you through each step and has a great supporting team that will LITERALLY work day and night for YOU! He's incredibly honest with you and will provide you an honest report of your current finances and exactly how much you can afford and should you decide to go above, what things to consider etc. Will not push you in one direction or another, he will simply layout your options and once decided he will work for YOU! I've had the great pleasure of working with Brad and his fantastic team and would recommend them to anyone. Thank you Brad and Company!



Thank you and Patrick for your exceptional service in getting our loans to close in such a timely manner. As I told you before, I tried for almost three months to get something done with PNC, the company that actually had our original loans, and they did nothing for us. With the subordination in place, I would have never believed you would have closed this in time due Bank of America slowing things down. I am happy that Don and Jan Wilt recommended us to you. Dave will be passing your name on to people he works with. Please feel free to use us as a reference if ever needed. I will email Patrick tomorrow as well. You have a wonderful assistant in him as well. I have never completed a loan without seeing the person, but with the technology today, I feel like I had access to you the entire process. Thanks again for a job well done. Rick, with Capitol Settlement Company was efficient, professional and a delight to be around.


Dave and Tracey

Thanks so much for how quickly and painlessly you processed the application for our refinance. I can’t say enough about how smoothly it went. You do good work.



Thanks for making this a totally painless experience and refi. I will refer you to what few friends I have that have a few bucks left to their name!! Call me if I can be of service to you for any of your electronic security needs. Thanks again.


CLOSED!! Rick was awesome and everything ran very smoothly. You and your team have been AMAZING! Thanks again for all your help.  Plan on extra referrals coming your way:) Thanks again and hang in there!!


Brad, many thanks for your capable assistance. I enjoyed getting to work with you and your team, appreciated the wonderful service, and will recommend EagleBank at every opportunity.



We just finished signing the settlement papers.  Thanks for everything.  It was the quickest and one of the smoothest refinances we ever did. We'll be sure to recommend you to any of our friends that want to buy or refinance.  Tom Pilato also did a great job handling the settlement.  The two of you make a good team.


Hi Brad,

I have to say that "YOU ARE VERY GOOD" loan officer. You are very organized and efficient. Thank you for your excellent delivery.

Thanks to Team Brad for doing such an amazing job on my loan, I am sure it was a relatively small transaction for you guys, but it was obviously a big deal to me. I know I was a pain in the ass to deal with sometimes, but you always made me feel like I was the most important borrower you had. Congratulations on a job well done, you guys are all truly the best!

I am taking a moment to inform you of my delightful experience with both your firm and one of your employees, Mr. Bradley S. Cohen. Without a doubt, Brad Cohen is one of the finest professionals I have ever met. From the first time I talked with him on the telephone to the concluding settlement activities, he has been true to his word. Not one time was I "surprised" by anything discussed and presented for my signature. Brad is painstakingly thorough, yet personable. He is quite concerned about all aspects of customer service. To him, customer service is not just a "by-product" of doing a deal. Customer service is a lifestyle to and for him. Customer service, in a word, is the deal.

We couldn't be more pleased with the speed, accuracy and ease of this refinance. Brad is a true professional who bends over backwards to do the job right. Thanks!

John and Debra
I am a repeat customer of Brad Cohen. That is the most positive sign of my satisfaction. I have referred many friends and co-workers, and take the opportunity to do so whenever I learn somebody is in the market.

Brad Nathan
A good friend. No words can describe the things he did to secure my purchasing for my home. Without any previous business with or even knowing him, he offered to pay from his own money a portion of my loan in order for me to have the house. He is truly a good and honest person, and it is very rare we find it these days. I would like to do business with him in the future and definitely I would recommend any of my friends who will be looking to borrow money to call Brad.

Brad, Thank you so much for all of your help in the home-buying process. You made it all very easy for me and I greatly appreciate it! You are awesome at your job and I will definitely be sending my friends your way. Thank you for everything!


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