Thanks, Brad. Closing could not have gone smoother. Thank you for helping me to keep our home. My five kids don't understand this-but you have really made a great impact in their lives. From behind the scenes, you helped them continue their lives unworried and uninterrupted. They will now be able to stay in their same rooms, on their same street, with their same school, and their same friends. This is a tremendous gift. Thank you from all of us for your help.

This was the 3rd home I have purchased and 5th time refinancing. By far, this was the best service, best deal. Brad Cohen was phenomenal.

Brad, Just wanted to say thank you. Everything went well at closing and I found the service from your office to be excellent. I appreciate everything you did to help me out. Thank you.

In my almost 20 years in the financial services business I have never met a mortgage broker who puts their clients interests ahead of their own. I have used at least 10 different mortgage people over the years and have rarely used that person again. One of my good clients has been telling me to use his guy for the last 8 years and I never listened to him until recently. You may have heard the ads for Lenox Financial where the guy says that they will do your loan with no closing costs or points and if rates go lower they will refi you again for no costs...his tag line is "this is the biggest no brainer in the history of the world". Well Brad Cohen business model is exactly the same. Most of the spread that the mortgage companies pay the broker Brad gives to his clients so that they do not have to pay closing costs or points. You may ask yourself why does he do it this way...simple answer is when you are finished doing a loan with Brad you are actually happy and want to tell people what a great deal you got. So Brad makes his money on volume. He is incredibly service oriented and made sure my loan got closed while he was away celebrating his 10 year wedding anniversary. I highly recommend Brad for your personal and your clients needs.

I would never do business with anyone other than Brad Cohen.

As a first time homebuyer, I could not have asked for a better experience. Helpful & Professional. I will recommend Brad to any of my friends or family looking for mortgage lenders.

Brad, just wanted to thank you so much for such a well organized, professional, and painless settlement. I don't know why anyone would go anywhere else. I will definitely get the word out to everyone I know. You guys are a great team and we appreciate everything you did for us! Talk to ya soon

Thank you for getting me such a great interest rate, and for all your help along the way. And, you came in within fifty bucks on your estimate on the cash I needed for settlement! Also thanks for the magazine - I'm sure I'll enjoy it!

It has been nice working with you again in refinancing my house this time. It was a great pleasure working with you. Your customer focus/help attitude is outstanding. You have been there for all the needs when I am buying my house and refinancing now. Even arranging settlement at my home. You are the BEST!!!! I mean it.

Brad's customer service, care, attention, and professionalism, is unprecedented. This was our 3rd loan and we keep coming back!

We closed on the house today!!! Thank you so much for all of your hard (and fast) work!! It was a pleasure doing business with you- and we will make sure to refer our friends to you... :) Thank you!

Thank you so much for how you came through at the last moment to help save this deal. The whole experience with finding this condo, the Nehemiah assistance program and lastly finding the best mortgage broker in the world are all undeniable blessings from above. You and your team are undeniably angels. Thank you so much for coming through in a pinch.

Brad, Ivette and I want to thank you for another great refinance experience. I can’t tell you how much your professionalism and timeliness meant to us. The best part of working with you is having the confidence to know that our biggest financial investment is in good hands. It really means a lot. We would also like you to pass our thanks along to Adrienne. She was very engaging and made the closing an enjoyable, not stressful, experience. We wish you both the best as you look forward to the birth of your second child. You are truly blessed. Best Wishes.

Rob and Ivette
Brad, I just wanted to drop you a note of thanks for your help in the refinancing of my home. You’re good at what you do.

Brad, I've been meaning to email and thank you for making our refinance go so smoothly. You and your team are so easy to work with and I don't have to worry if I'm getting a good deal, because I know you are working hard to get me the best rate you can. It's hard to believe we refinanced twice in 4 months, but we are very happy with our decision and if rates keep dropping maybe we'll see you again in 3 more months! Anyway, I don't hesitate to mention your name to family and friends who are looking to buy or refinance and will continue to do so. Thanks.

Hi Brad, First of all, I want to thank you so much for making our latest refinance such an easy enjoyable experience! You are an amazing entrepreneur, Brad! I just can’t enough wonderful things about this whole experience, Brad. All the thanks go to you! All the best always.

Lan Lancia
Brad, Thank you very much for all your help with our refinance. It was a pleasure to work with you and Adrienne. Lisa and I were extremely impressed by how smoothly and seamlessly you moved everything forward, especially given the volume you are currently handling. Good luck keeping your head above water and good luck with the impending arrival of your second child.

I would like to express my sincere thanks for helping me throughout the process. Being naive with process and other formalities involved in buying a property, you educated me a lot in understanding it. Also I really appreciate you for being so open-minded and sharing all the ideas and answering the questions in a timely manner. You are one such person that I have come across in my life who is very diligent and perfect in performing the given task. Thanks for replying to my emails and returning phone calls promptly. Once again I do want to thank you personally for handling this mammoth task (atleast for me ;) ) efficiently. Definitely I will recommend you and your esteemed organization to my friends who are be in need of any kind of assistance. Thanks & Regards.

Thank you for the YOU Magazine! We appreciate your thoughtfulness! It was such a pleasure working with you and your team. You guys made the refinancing process so easy and smooth. We'll definitely refer you to our friends and relatives. Take care.

Van Tran
Brad, I should be buying you that magazine to thank you for all of your hard work on our behalf! I am sleeping better knowing that my financial situation is a bit more stable , especially during these troubled times. I am sure that I will enjoy the magazine because I am constantly looking to gain insight to improve my life. I have actually done "The Fire Walk" weekend with Tony Robbins and always enjoy his thoughts. Good luck to you and Adrian with the baby. I will be sure to pass your name on to others.


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