We moved for business transfers over a dozen times in a 40 year period. Each time, needing a mortgage and dealing with various brokers, agents and processors. Upon retirement, Brad was highly recommended by a business friend. We found Brad and his team to be the most thorough, professional, efficient and communicative team we ever dealt with. From start to finish, they were constantly available to help guide us through the process and never missed a beat. We highly recommend Brad and his team for those seeking a mortgage or refi.

Stuart and Rosemary- 2014
Bradley Cohen has been our number one finance person for several years. He has tirelessly worked at helping us achieve our personal dreams. The many ways he has done that was by offering us the best researched advice, always being available to answer any of our questions either by text phone call or email(seriously he gets back to you within minutes, not days). And how can you forget the most important BEST RATES!!! With zero points. He's unbelievable it's no wonder he's within the top ten in the nation. Brad you are a dedicated hard worker. Thanks for all your efforts on our entire families behalf!

Danielle 2014
We have done a couple of mortgages with Brad and they went very smoothly. He is knowledgeable, efficient, and most of all it quickly becomes obvious that he truly cares about his clients. Brad makes himself very available and if for some reason he is not, those who work for him are extremely capable of answering questions and following through with any requests. They walked us through every step of the process. It was such a nice feeling to know that when it came time to close, everything was not just ready, but correct. Closing was also a pleasure because the title company Brad uses is as efficient and professional as he is. We would highly recommend him.

Ian -May 2014
In 2012, I had a list of brokers given by my Real Estate agent to choose from to refinance my house. Brad’s name was on that list. Based on his prompt, précised and knowledgeable response I choose him among many others.
After working with Brad and his team I realized that I made a very proper choice. Brad is dedicated to a fault! He communicates with his clients promptly, professionally and very thorough. Brad is always available to answer your questions and to help you moving into the right direction.
As a result, the whole process becomes less stressful and more pleasant.
Brad is the best broker I ever dealt with and would definitely recommend him to my friends and family members

Gina 2012
Brad did an outstanding job for us. We refinanced our mortgage with him and he did an excellent job at explaining everything to us. Even though I'm sure he was quite busy, he always took the time to answer our questions and did a thorough job each time. He was straight-forward with us and once completed, every amount in the package was exactly as he stated it would be...no surprises anywhere. He ensured the process went smoothly and was very quick. We saved a lot of money. In fact, several months after refinancing with him, the interest rate continued to drop so my wife picked up the phone and gave him a call. We learned that even though we refinanced earlier that year that enough time had passed so we could re-fi again at an even lower rate (and saving even more each month). So, we refinanced through him again.

I have recommended him to multiple friends and coworkers and have absolutely no problem recommending him to anyone who is interested in refinancing.

Dwayne May 201
I sent Brad a very short email indicating my desire to refinance my DC house. I included my current rate and payment information, the mortgage balance, and appraised value. 30 minutes later I received a concise response from him listing new rate options and the payments associated. I selected a rate and reviewed a little information over the phone with him and received a package to complete the next day. Closing was fast and pleasant--and I am saving hundreds of dollars a month now. Brad helped me lower my rate and convert what had been a 30 year to a 15 year mortgage.

Stanley May 2014
Thank you for you and your team’s prompt, thorough, helpful, and courteous service. I really appreciate it.

I will continue to recommend you to others who express interest in refinancing.

Ruth - February 2014
Dear Brad,

Before the year ends I want to thank you “officially” for your assistance in securing our mortgage for our house purchase in Massachusetts. You got us the best rate of anyone, including the smaller banks up here who I would have thought would be fighting harder for our business. Most important to a pair of retirees who were between houses and staying at a lakeside cabin, your office’s handling of the application was very smooth and less complicated than any other mortgage process I can remember.

Happy holidays!

Jim and Corry - December 2013
Brad is quite amazing at his job.  He truly has the gift of working with clients and he really knows his business.

Vickie - December 2013
Hi Brad,

I just wanted to tell you that everyone at the closing (sellers, settlement attorney, etc) were very impressed how smoothly the financing went given the short close.  We told them that you were great to work with and would definitely recommend you to anyone else.

Happy Holidays,

Johnny - December 2013
Bradley--did not get a chance to tell you how appreciative I am to you for helping us get this thing done--home ownership is no doubt an expensive pain--but one that definitely has its rewards---Thanks for all your quick responses and help with any questions I had during this process.
Thanks again

Tony - November 2013
You are a serious beast! Thank you so much for working with us over the past two months to accomplish this. You and your staff have been professional in every way, helping guide us through the process. It's been a pleasure working with you on what we consider a life-changing event.

David V - October 2013
I want to thank you for all of the hard work you and your team put in to get this thing done. We were very happy to have you in our corner at a few points in this process for sure, I'll be sure to refer you to anyone I know looking to purchase a home.

Ryan - September 2013

Thanks for your responsiveness and for getting everything moving so quickly. We were extremely pleased with the service you and Brad provided us. I will definitely refer people to your team in the future -- nothing but a positive experience for us.

Thanks again.


Brad - August 2013
Todd & Brad,

We really can't thank you enough for all of your help. You both are always available, quick to respond, and made this a very pleasant experience for our first home purchase. We are raving fans and happy to write a recommendation or be a reference for any first time home buyers in the future.

Thank you for everything!

Tom - July 2013
Brad and Wendy,

We just wanted to take a minute and show our appreciation. We did have a great settlement experience yesterday and wanted to thank your team as well as Wendy's team. We will recommend you to our friends and relatives, which some say is the highest praise a realtor, finance officer or settlement officer can receive ;)

Victor and Nataliya

Victor and Nataliya - July 2013
Brad –

Just wanted to thank you for getting my re-fi done. Closed on it this morning, and all is good.

As always, you guys do an amazing job!

Thanks, again!

Scott - July 2013
Bradley was exemplary, very professional and one of the best bankers I have ever worked with. This experience has forged a lifelong relationship. Thanks.

Jody - July 2013
Thank you all for making this such a great first home buying experience!  You have all been so helpful and willing to answer a ton of our questions, give us great advice and point us in the right direction.  We really can't express our gratitude enough for all of your time, attention and effort being such incredible resources.


Tom, Lindsey, Tommy, & Will - June 2013
Brad, your re-fi work was fantastic, all the people on your team were on point, and really appreciate everyone’s attention to detail. All around a fantastic experience. I have given your name to a couple of buddies already and will continue to do so.

Andrew and Jessica - June 2013

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